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Residential Scans

The old saying "water wins" is true. Water takes the path of least resistance and enters at that point. A leak isn’t necessarily directly under its source, but we can track that leak back to its source to minimize your repair costs.

Homeowners – Our infrared inspections help you minimize your repair costs and help you "Go Green" as well. We see things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. By using an ASNT certified thermographer, all of our testing is non-destructive.

An infrared inspection is also very beneficial prior to remodeling. We help you stop leaks that can damage your finished project and cause unnecessary stress.

Our inspections include, but are not limited to:

  • Moisture leaks - Whether roof, siding, foundation, or plumbing leaks etc. we can track them to their source eliminating the guess work.
  • Energy Loss - Insulation efficiency and coverage in ceilings and walls; energy audits; and duct-work.
  • Sprinkler system - You only need to dig at the source to repair underground leaks.
  • Floor heating system - Pinpointing the issue saves you from tearing out more floor or concrete than is necessary.
  • Electrical - Evaluation of the electrical system of the house, looking for 'hot' connections overheating circuit breakers.
  • Preventative - Inspecting prior to remodeling can protect your project and help you make it more energy efficient and water tight.
  • Other - We have found rough-ins under concrete basement floors, and many unusual uses for infrared that all help you save time and money. Call us, you never know.

A professional home inspection with a thermal imaging camera can find problems with a house that a normal home inspection cannot. We are specialists at detecting hidden leaks & moisture behind walls using infrared thermal imaging. Our infrared home inspection system can normally detect signs of a leak within minutes . . . it's non-invasive, non-contact (no holes are made in your wall at any stage) and fast.

Builders – Stand out in a crowd! You can prove your homes’ quality and energy efficiency with our infrared reports. Buyers will be impressed! Call our office at (402) 964 - 2400, email us at, or submit our online form for more information.

Use of thermal imaging can help locate problems like:

  • Evaluation of the electrical system of the house, looking for 'hot' connections and aging, overheating circuit beakers.
  • Wood destroying insect infestation.
  • Insulation efficiency and coverage.
  • Plumbing leaks inside the house, including leaking pipes, improperly seated toilets, leaky shower pans and bathtubs and water pipe condensation.
  • Improperly insulated HVAC ducting that have not been properly sealed or that cause condensation dripping in attics and crawlspaces.
  • Energy efficiency and use evaluation, energy audits, HVAC duct leakage.
  • Improperly installed or insufficient insulation in ceilings and walls.
  • Leaking roofs, skylights, roof vent piping and roof vents.
  • Aged electrical receptacles, circuit breakers, loose wiring connections.
  • Finding water leaks, water and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, through masonry, floors, above windows and doors.
  • Possible areas of mold buildup.
  • Roof leakage.