What is Infrared?


Infrared 101

What is infrared?

Infrared is a light spectrum you cannot see with the naked eye. Many things emit energy that is seen by infrared and can be seen with special equipment. We won’t go into more detail here, but if you want more information just call The ThermaScan Man.

How do you see the problem?

It’s based on the physical properties of the specific issue and the surrounding area. Both physics and thermal dynamics play a role in how infrared works. An infrared inspection is not simply a snapshot, but a picture recorded with pertinent data to tell the whole story.

What can infrared do for you?

Infrared has many uses that can help you reduce the maintenance and utility costs associated with your property.

Residential - We find the source of your stubborn leaks, whether moisture or air, in a variety of systems.

  1. Roofs - we can pinpoint the source so you don’t make unnecessary repairs or replacements.
  2. Building interiors & exteriors (including foundations) - we find the source of leaks and intrusion to help you “Go Green”, or minimize repair costs.
  3. Sprinkler systems - eliminate unnecessary digging. We can find a leaky underground system so you dig in the right location the first time.
  4. Floor heating systems - we can see a leak under the flooring so you only tear out and replace a minimal amount of concrete when fixing the leak.

Commercial - We provide the same inspections for commercial facilities as we do for residential as well as some of the following:

  1. Roofs - whether sloped or flat, our roof inspections can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs or replacements.
  2. Electrical - we inspect electrical panels and substations for energy loss. Loose connections equal wasted energy and possibly dangerous situations.
  3. Mechanical - we inspect bearings and electric motors for wear to avoid unnecessary failures that cause down time and additional cost.
  4. Aerial - our aerial inspections are used mostly for commercial purposes, but are not limited to this. They give you a great starting point for your entire campus when it comes to looking for the best place to spend your maintenance budget.
  5. Other - includes, but is not limited to sprinkler systems, ice rinks, and tubing under concrete, anything that can leak. Call the ThermaScan Man – you never know...


Are there any additional uses for infrared?

We have found many different and unusual uses for infrared. Most will fall under these categories, but with Bryan’s combination of training and experience we are capable of much more. If you’re not sure, just call.

Will this work for you?

The answer is yes. Whether you have air or moisture leaks, we see them. The possibilities are endless. Before starting a remodeling project an infrared inspection can direct you to any leaks that may cause damage to your finished project and help you make it more efficient.

How do I know who to hire?

This one is easy – call The ThermaScan Man. It is vital to hire a “certified” thermographer. Compare this to a radiologist reading your x-rays or MRIs vs. reading them yourself.  It’s the analysis of the pictures and the data recorded that determine the problem, not just the picture itself.  Only a certified thermographer is qualified to analyze infrared pictures.  Beware of the so-called experts who were certified by their camera salesman.

The ThermaScan Man (Bryan) is a Level 3 Certified Thermographer in compliance with the American Standards of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT).  There are 3 levels of certification.  Compare these to Bachelor’s, Master’s & Doctorate degrees.  He has been performing infrared inspections since 1995 and continues to expand his knowledge by attending conferences and taking classes.  He has been published twice through Snell Infrared for specialty inspections he has performed and has been asked to present and be published again at a future conference.