We help stretch your maintenance budget.


Smart planning and budgeting can greatly affect your bottom line.  Using our infrared services can stretch your maintenance budget and reduce utility expenses.

Some of the benefits of infrared inspections:

  • Pinpointing the source of the problem - no guessing
  • Reduce your man hours expended for repair
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Prevent safety issues / fires
  • Prevent premature equipment failure
  • Helps you set your priorities for budgeting
  • Possibly reduce insurance rates

Here are some ways we can help:

Roofs - Whether your roof is sloped or flat it is a major expense to keep it in good working order.  We can pinpoint the issues for you so you can minimize your costs. You repair the source of the problem  the first time instead of replacing such an expensive portion of your building or having a roofer make repeated trips to try to find the problem.

Building interiors and exteriors (including foundations) - Air and moisture leaks create expensive utility bills and repairs. We show you where your efforts can be expended to solve these issues at a minimum expense by pinpointing the source.  It is no longer necessary to waste time and money trying to focus on suspected problems.

Electrical - Infrared inspections can greatly increase your safety by finding any loose connections, under-sized conductors or excessive current flow.  These issues may cause unwanted high heating that result in dangerously hot electrical circuits.  These components can literally become hot enough to melt, cause an outage, explosion and/or fire.

We can also help you reduce your electrical expenses by showing you where you’re losing the power you’re paying for and not using.  

Some electrical inspections we perform include:

  • Electrical cabinets in hotels, hospitals and manufacturing facilities.
  • Electrical sub-stations.
  • Electric motors.
  • Call us - you never know...


Mechanical - Excessive energy passing through to equipment can cause premature failure as most equipment is rated for a specific amount of current.  Infrared inspections can “see” unnecessary wear and excessive current that will cause future problems.  Our regular maintenance programs can help reduce reactive maintenance and thereby increase production as it decreases maintenance expense.    

Aerial - Our aerial inspections provide a great overview of large facilities and can be a good starting point for planning your maintenance budget and requirements. Bryan has been published for his aerial inspections and has sparked additional interest in aerials within the thermography community.

Maintenance Programs - Call us for more information about our preventative maintenance programs to be pro-active.

Ice Rink Car Wash.                          

Water under concrete

Water under concrete

Other - Besides the inspections listed above we also inspect steam lines, including underground steam lines, water lines, basically anything that can leak.  For more information just call.