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About ThermaScan Solutions

We are in the business of saving you money. No one likes to pay for repairs so we help you minimize those costs by directing you to the source of the problem rather than seeing you pay to "treat the symptoms" of the problem. We can also show you how to implement a preventative plan to help you avoid major issues and/or repairs.

Infrared technology allows us to "see" leaks whether they are air, moisture or electricity. These can all cost you a lot of money in energy bills, repairs, and subsequent damage such as mold or even fire.


"We believe that a strong understanding of thermal dynamics and physics helps with the direction to the correction of your issues."

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The old saying "water wins" is true.  Don't start a remodeling project or  repair of any kind without getting an infrared inspection first.

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We pinpoint problems so they can be repaired the first time.  Don't make unnecessary repairs and or replacements if you don't have to.

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Infrared 101

Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation. Some uses include thermal efficiency analysis, locating moisture & leaks, remote temperature sensing, and weather forecasting. 

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